WLW Archive Files

Courtesy of Geoffrey Mendenhall W8GNM

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 NEW!  K7AGE's Video of 2013 Hamvention WLW Tour Narrated by W8GNM
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K7AGE's Video Continues - Focusing on present-day 50 kW Transmitters at WLW (2013)
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The Nation's Station (PDF 7 Megabytes)

CS Book --- WLW Period Photos 1926 - 1942

The Crosley Story Slide Tray 1
Written and Produced by G.J.Gray - 1962

The Clyde Haehnle Slides -- Photos and Technical Data

Tower and Transmitter Site Pictures

Tour photos that show various aspects of the 500 kW and 50 kW transmitters.

WA8ULG visits WLW in 2012, offers comments on pix and xmtrs

Schematics, Operating Manuals, Technical Ariticles on the 500kW Transmitter and WLW

Information on WLW's Sister Shortwave Station at Bethany, Ohio that was a mainstay of the Voice of America USA operations

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