KB7OCY Modulator Driver Tests

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304TL driver test setup.jpg
304TL Driver Test Setup
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304TL driver test setup-01.jpg
Test Setup Detail 1
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304TL driver test setup-02.jpg
Test Setup Detail 2
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304TL driver test setup-03.jpg
Driver Test Setup 3
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feedback network.jpg
Driver Feedback Network
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Here are a couple of still photos of the modulator project.  Thought I’d try putting B+ on the 6L6 stage, and it works!  The test was somewhat unorthodox meaning that I chose to “listen” to the sound quality by using a output xfmr salvaged from an old Heathkit power amp connected to the plates of the 6L6’s with jumpers, then into a speaker.  The gain on the preamp from the mic input is indeed insane.  I’m glad I installed a line-level input jack as well, so I can use the console and audio processor chain.  I also noticed that (probably due to the interstage xfmrs and feedback)  it has a relatively sweet passband , particularly for voice.  Interesting.  When all is done I will have a PDF schematic and wiring diagram for view also.


Here’s a link to the video @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s58GMJ7LhA&feature=channel&list=UL


73’s for now,

Henry, KB7OCY

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