Nashville's 2nd Avenue -- "before"

  December 30, 2020

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DJT working on his game in FL
   Anthony Quinn Warner wanted to blow up the AT&T building in Nashville. Figuratively speaking, a delusional Donald John Trump wants to blow up a process he imagines is fraudulently cheating him out of remaining the Chief Executive of the United States. He is not able to process the reality: We fired him.

   The fact is, we never should have hired him. His resume' has more holes in it than a cashmere sweater I once failed to secure in a moth-proof box. We hired a person who filed for bankruptcy protection for his businesses five times. I've lost track of the many thousands he paid to a couple of women who still described their lurid affairs with him in high detail.

   His high regard for the despots who rule Russia and North Korea is of no benefit to America and the World at large. Furthermore, Trump went to great lengths to trash allies.
Wuhan downtown
  The coup de grĂ¢ce: Wuhan is the second largest city in China, comparable to Chicago. If we do not have a consulate there, we should have. This editorialist knew that a terrible disease had broken out there over a year ago and wrote about it in this blog. Our modest resources and tiny readership cannot begin to compare with the U.S. State Department. Yet the government permitted students and commercial passengers to fly into the U.S, including those associated with members of Trump's own family.

   Nothing could have kept Covid-19 out. But we needed to seek remission long before we began to do so. Trump said it would just dissipate.
   Phil Richardson. Storyteller and Observer of the Hunan Condition.

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