Fever Test for Coronavirus Infection

 March 4, 2020

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Mask Advice from the Pan-American Health Org.

   We are confronted with a worldwide pandemic, for which the experts say an anti-viral vaccine for it is perhaps going to take another year to develop and an even longer time to protect a sufficient percentage of the entire worldwide population to cause “herd immunity” to take place.  So, a person must use what my wise grandmother often urged me and others to do: Use “common sense.” This is a real challenge when the so called “experts” cannot agree on simple measures such as the efficacy of wearing a face mask. 
  Since the disease is said to spread from person to person through droplets of infected exhalations, i.e. coughing or touching things, I keep remembering an early television commercial that doing something “won’t hurt.” If called to visit any medical facility, even a physician’s waiting room for any reason, I would think that an excess of caution should prompt you to wear one.  
  What I keep hearing is that one should wash your hands often with soap and water and possibly use a hand sanitizer containing at least 70 percent ethyl alcohol, when hand washing regularly is impossible or inconvenient to do.
  I have heard physicians say on TV that one should not touch their mouth or nose. They should know this is impossible. 
masked_crowd.jpg  Another difficult thing for us is avoiding contact with large groups of people.
  All I can say is “good luck” with that. We are not meant to be hermits. Just keep in mind that the choices we make in this regard are important. Panic should not be one of them. Actually, the chances of dying from coronavirus is far less than our being killed in a vehicle accident.

  Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition 

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