TEMPO 2020 Restoration

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TEMPO 2020

This excellent hybrid transceiver was designed by Yeasu in the mid seventies, manufactured by Uniden in Japan and and sold by Henry Radio in California. I believe that Uniden branded units were also sold in Europe. It is a solid state design except for the 12BY7A driver and the two 6146B finals. It has an odd hybrid frequency display with 3 led digits and vertical drum. It has a mix of plug-in boards and hard to remove boards. Don't restore one of these unless you have good lab equipment and skills to match.

Entensive restoration notes are available in PDF format with notes and pictures. Common failures like cracking nylon sprockets and assorted geezer electrical failures are addressed with proven repair techniques.

Adobe Tempo 2020 Restoration Notes

Tempo 2020

TEMPO 2020 Top View

Tempo 2020

TEMPO 2020 Bottom View

Tempo 2020

Unique Hybrid Frequency Display

Heathkit SB-102