Heathkit Restorations

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These 100% solid state transceiver kits were very innovative for their day in 1975. The design engineer later left Heathkit and joined Drake where he designed the TR-7.

Heathkit SB-104A


These transceivers were known as the poor man's KWM-2. They were a vacuum tube design and worked pretty darn well.

Heathkit SB-102

HW-12A, HW-22A, HW-32A

These transceivers were monoband (80, 40 and 20) wonders at extremely reasonable prices. This was my first Heathkit from High School days with fond memories. I went overboard on this restoration with 100% NOS JAN tubes and 2 NOS RCA 6GE5 finals. They made 140 watts PEP out and were remarkably stable. The "A" models added a PA cage and better quality tube sockets and resisistors. All three models had different ALC circuits - weird.

HW-12A Front   

HW-12A Back          HW-12A Top

HW-12A Bottom