Cubic Astro Restorations

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Cubic Astro 103

The model 103 was Cubic's final ham product in 1980. It supported the WARC bands, a second receive input and a RTTY mode. This is an excellent design with high quality boards and made 100 watts out on all bands, had a high quality speach processor, VOX , NB and full break-in CW. It supported continuous AGC delay adjust and IF gain adjust  along with the normal RF gain adjust - very innovative.


AdobeCubic Astro 103 Restoration Notes


Cubic Astro 102/103 100 Watt PA Brick

Motorola 2N3866 > matched pair MRF433 > matched pair MRF459 finals - nice design!


Cubic Astro 102BXA

The 102BXA was the same as the 103 above, minus WARC, RTTY mode and a second receive antenna.

Cubic 102BXA

Cubic Astro 150A

The transceiver had weird shuttle-jog tuning and was the first product to use the new Intel micro controller.

Cubic 150A

Cubic Military Transceivers

I believe these followed the 103. They were small, 100 watt beauties. I bought two to have one good one and ended up with 2 working units after the restoration efforts.

Cubic Military