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  July 15, 2020

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   I live in Pima County Arizona, where a Tucson metro population of slightly more than 1-million is struggling to deal with a reported 11,172 COVID-19 victims, some of whom are being transported elsewhere in the state and even out of state, due to the need for hospital beds and ventilators. 

   Except for funeral homes, and the growing need for great refrigerated trucks, now necessary to accommodate the growing death rate until local mortuaries can schedule the increasing number of funerals, economic fallout in Tucson is horrific.

Texas Nat'l Guard Assists West Texas Food Bank
   Nothing, however, like that taking place in the West Texas towns of Midland, Pecos, and Odessa -  all situated atop the great Permian Basin, perhaps the world's greatest oil drilling and fracking field.

   To quote the July 11, 2020  edition of The Wall Street Journal: "The economic  collapse in the wake of the coronavirus has been brutal. In a matter of weeks, global demand for oil has shriveled by 20% as people worldwide drive and fly a lot less."  

SNAP Food Basket
   Today, the oil field referenced above has all but shut down. Unemployment has risen from 2.1 to 13.4 percent, Nearly 900,000 pounds of food is distributed each month in the towns atop the Permian basin by the West Texas Food Bank and the trendline toward an increasing need has yet to indicate a promise of abatement in the near future. The worst has yet to come.

-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the human condition. 

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