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January 29, 2020

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No End to Violence in the Media

    Can anyone advance the argument that the level of violence that pervades all media has nothing to do with the insane shooting rampages taking place? Whether it be coming from FCC licensed broadcasting stations or cable and satellite delivered programs, whether it be action-adventure movies or most explicitly in video games where the participant can virtually maim and kill digitally-composed adversaries, our society, including the most impressionable and sometimes mentally challenged youth, is awash in graphic gore and sexual indecency.

    This is a very bad thing. Just tell me why it isn't.

    Are we incapable of stopping these lessons in how to commit mass carnage, or is it that we just don't care?

    Let's have a show of hands. Say it! "I couldn't care less if the police should come and knock on my door today and inform me that my child has killed someone or he or her has been murdered in some senseless act of violence."

   The FCC has regulations that do very little to inhibit the spread of a real plague. "Show Biz"  has been hugely reticent about issuing "Mature Audience" ratings...for whatever good doing so would accomplish. The "V" chip, that permits parents to block programs, is a monumental failure.

   There is one thing that will work, and as a former broadcast station owner, I can swear to its effectiveness. Contact the advertisers. You have no idea what one letter, just one telephone call to an advertiser will do. Tell Mr. Big that you are not going to buy what he is selling if his company continues to buy advertising that helps spread a disease. Be specific. "Last night, you sponsored a program that is harmful." Write a note on your computer and E-Mail it to "The XYZ Company." Everyone has a website. Bring it up and find the E-Mail address. You may find it under "Contact," or "Contact Us."  

    Talk to your relatives, friends, your group, your circle, your church or temple. You can start today with E-mail. Expand it to all of your Facebook friends.  I can virtually guarantee that if an advertiser, whether they reside in New York City or Battle Creek, Michigan (and most especially if he lives and does business in your city), gets a message from more than two people, he will be on the phone with his advertising agency or advertising director five seconds after you hang up.

    Then, of course you have to back it up. Do not purchase the project or service. Is that too much to ask if it will help stop a plague?

     Let me assure you, It only takes one tiny hiccup in sales in a business to cause panic.

    All you need is one victory. There is just no telling where that could lead.

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  -Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.


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