U of A Students Relaxing on Campus

  September 16, 2020

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Qualms Suffered by Parents of College Students

   The University of Arizona is an integral part of life for Tucsonans. I'm sure that this is true of college towns all across America.

Masked Math Class (at ASU)
   The media here in Tucson is daily draped in a deep mourning that permits each of us to celebrate the life of Luther "Lute" Olson, a beloved coach-mentor in the lives of scores of young men and an inspiration to all of us who felt engaged in his resounding lifetime success.

   At the same time, parents, including those who sent 45,741 students here last year (2019) and parents who are sending an additional 6,569 students to the largest student body to ever attend the University of Arizona, should be aware, if they are not already, of the existential threat to all of us.

   Less than two weeks after scenes of students were shown being greeted at both old and newly constructed dorms, local health officials noted an uptick in coronavirus cases.

   On Saturday, September 12, 2020, what was termed a "spike" in Covid-19 numbers, became a "surge" in infections overnight.

   The U of A reported that testing revealed 1,148 positive cases since July 31, 600 of which were diagnosed since July 1. Until yesterday, there had been a steady decline in cases. That was before students congregated at the businesses across from the University's Main Gate.

    The head of the Pima County Health Department and President of the University are mulling measures to deal with a situation that threatens to become a panic if not stemmed.
-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition

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