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We are in for tumultuous times - Part I

    There surely would have been a worldwide depression in 1927 had Coolidge remained in the White House or Al Smith, instead of Hebert Hoover elected President in 1928.  

    The unalterable verity of life is that everything in this universe is cyclic. Astronomers have known for over a century that even galaxies have a life cycle. Hydrogen, the atomic fuel within stars such as ours, will eventually be used up by the gravitational force. Long before that occurs, our sun will expand.  All life on all the planets in our solar system will be fried.  This does not happen to all suns, just middle-aged, medium sized ones like ours.

    Many stars turn into a dead cinder but sometimes they implode. A really big one did that in 1066, just as William the Conqueror was crossing the Channel to take over England. It was so bright, it was visible for months during the day. That kind of star death is called a super-nova.  

    Cyclic: The best argument against global warming used by modern-day "flat-earthers" are the great glaciers—the "ice ages," that formed in the past.  Even if the deniers are right, the increase in air pollution, equal to that now suffered by millions of Chinese, will one day kill all life on our beautiful planet anyway—if something isn't done about it  Lungs are fragile organs. Ask your doctor.

    As to life we will experience in 2017- 2025, the primary question facing Donald Trump and the American people is how long will it be before the democracies must confront Vladimir Putin? One cannot ever satisfy dictators' lust for power and total control. Putin is devious and admittedly fixated on returning Russia to its one time position as a world power, equal to the USA. Ask Vladimir. 

    A final word. This time, concerning the U.S. economy. There is an old saying on Wall Street. "The stock market is not going to grow up to the skies." We are in for a major "correction." a euphemism meaning "sell-off." Ask your stock broker.


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself." - Joseph L. Mencken


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