January 1, 2020

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Phil Richardson


 "Oligarchy": A form of government in which power and property is vested in a dominant group of persons. - Websters
Michael Bloomberg
     The premier international economic news source, Bloomberg News, is headed by Michael Bloomberg, former New York Mayor and now a man hoping to gain the nomination by the Democrats for the upcoming 2020 presidential campaign.    Bloomberg has more concrete economic information about the unholy pairing of Putin and Trump than anyone.

    I fully expect that  Bloomberg will soon connect the dots and share with us what his news organization has uncovered about the vast ownership of real estate in Florida by 70 Putin-appointed Russian oligarchs who became owners of Russia oil fields, pipelines, rail lines, manufacturing plants, newspapers and broadcasting stations, through a share the wealth plan, instituted by Putin.

Sunny Isles Beach
    This includes the purchase of multi-million-dollar Trump branded apartments in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. It’s also no secret that Trump has wanted to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in what was once "Red Square" for years.
   Putin got his start through his many connections in the KGB, the Russian secret service, where he became a colonel while serving for the USSR during its domination of East Germany.

Presidents Putin and Trump
   When the USSR collapsed, Putin took to politics like a very avaricious duck takes  to water. He became part of the apparatus of Russian President Boris Yeltsin, as Assistant Manager of Leningrad. Yeltsin literally made Putin the Vice President of Russia and died soon thereafter.

   Putin consolidated his power by making scores of Russians, very, very rich, and by doing so, elevated his income by becoming the World's Richest Person, who now is worth 200 billion dollars, according to Heritage Capital Management.

-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.

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