I’m Right Again dot com SPECIAL REPORT – OCTOBER 13, 2019

Trump Towers Turkey


Above, Trump Towers, Ankara, a complex of co-joined towers in the Turkish capital. They are the cornerstone of the reason that President Donald Trump is assisting Turkey’s President Erdogan in the mass murder of Kurds taking place, even as you read this.

Thus far, The Turkish owner of Trump Towers in the Turkish capital has, according to Newsweek magazine, paid Trump $10-million so far for putting his name on them.

This is only the beginning of Trump’s conflicts of interest in this matter. According to Newsweek, there are at least 119 Turkish businesses in which Trump is a partial or sole owner. Surprised? We shouldn’t be.

I have just begun to research the amount of military hardware the Turks buy from us. This includes a fleet of F-15 and F-35 military jets. Just think, the latest models of supersonic fighter jets made in America and piloted by Turks trained by Americans, are killing our closest, most sacrificial allies in the world, using missiles made in Tucson, Arizona. At this very moment, Kurdish men, women and children are fleeing into the Syrian desert, not knowing where to find safety.

Six brave American soldiers have given their lives while fighting alongside the Kurds in Syria. As terrible that is to contemplate, what about the tens of thousands of young Kurdish men and women soldiers who gave their lives putting down ISIS? Furthermore, while fighting the Turks, the Kurds may lose control of the thousands of ISIS cut-throats they’ve imprisoned.

Trump is not going to stand in the way of this holocaust — One in which each of us is complicit, if we do nothing. Greed has made our President incompetent and he and his lacky Vice President deserve removal from office as soon as legally possible.

-Phil Richardson, Editor