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          An Online Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society — October 10, 2018

 Trump's Tax Returns  

    "I have no deals in Russia, I have no deal that can happen in Russia, because we've stayed away and I have no loans with Russia."

    Since making those statements, President Trump has set a record for having kept his income tax returns a secret longer than any prior President, except to say his return(s) are (still) being audited!  We have no knowledge of how long it has taken the Internal Revenue Service to reach this point in time nor do we have any rough idea of when this audit will be concluded, for even that's a closely guarded secret in Trumpland; something that has intrigued us since 2016. 

     We, the People have no idea what the status is of an audit that has supposedly been ongoing even longer than the Mueller investigation.

    Of greatest importance: What are the sources and amounts paid to the income side of the Trump, Inc. ledger?

    Why all this secrecy? Every prior President of the United States has made the details of their returns public. Is there something sinister transpiring, such as the growing suspicion in economic circles that President Trump and President Putin are in some sort of mutually beneficial partnership? After all, Trump said he was capable of running and is entitled to run the country and his businesses at the same time. 

    Wouldn't the media like to know what Trump and Putin discussed in the two hour, one-on-one session they held during the Helsinki economic summit, in July?       


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller

"He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."—Joseph Menchen

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