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"THE TRUMP REVOLUTION" or "The Donald's Creative Destruction Deconstructed" by Ilana Mercer

   Yes, it's is a review by one of the most compelling books I've encountered in many a decade.  Ilana Mercer is the writer. We've read bits from her columns, but never expected this: a complete guide for the perpetually perplexed; a compact course in political science for the year 2017 and the decades beyond.

   If you are into pondering, get the book and wait for a long, rainy weekend (a rare occurrence in Tucson, Arizona) and immerse yourself in a long, slow read.

    Let me begin with two quotations: "Donald J. Trump is smashing an enmeshed political spoils system to bits" and "Understandably, The Donald has the political players rising on their hind legs in defense of their realm." If you found these provocative, you will enjoy the wit, with which Ms Mercer makes her case, whether you agree with her reprise of what she terms, "Trumps Holy Terror," or not.

   According to her, Trump's appeal transcends both the left, the right and middle of the political spectrum.

   Ilana Mercer is a protolibertarian—perhaps a new political label for both or us. A protolibertarian is one who combines a conservative philosophy with a radical libertarian opposition to government intervention in our lives.  

     Therefore, by reading her treatise, she is worthy of making this statement on Wikiquote...in case you're interested: "The rights to life, liberty and property were not to be subject to the vagaries* of majority rule. (What d'ye think of that statement?)

     If you feel unable to come to terms with President Donald Trump's Grassroots election, ask yourself, as I did, why is Trump so popular? I honestly can say that I dislike the idea of hating our President.  I'm not crazy about him, you understand. It's just that I think I can get used to someone actually breaking the logjam on the Potomac. 

    *Vagaries: Unpredictable, capricious, or erratic (or might I add, whimsical) action. —Webster's Collegiate Dictionary


Speaking of Vagaries—We found out what was happening in Sweden that so troubled President Trump last week. Seems that a small group of  traditionalist seafood gourmands in Stockholm were protesting the sudden shortage of lute fisk prepared by marinating the gooey seafood in lye for a week or two.

 Apparently, one of the main suppliers of the piquant pike had increased the amount of bicarbonate of soda in which to soak the seafood.

The Swedes were further enraged by a false news item on Stockholm TV claiming that the fake fisk was being actually made in Denmark and sneaked into Sweden by Danish fish farmers hoping to corner the lute fisk market. (English translation: "Fisk" is F-I-S-H). If you do go to Sweden, be sure and pronounce it in one syllable: "lootfisk" (Again: "lootfisk") (Now you have it, And you can see how easy it is to easy to add something "fishy". to anything you read on the "net".


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself." - Joseph L. Mencken


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