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A little history first, for comparison purposes.

     In June of 1942, a German submarine put four saboteurs ashore near Jacksonville, Florida and another four ashore on Long Island. Each group had dynamite disguised as coal and nitroglycerin firing caps and fuses, as well. Each team leader carried $50,000 in genuine U.S. currency. They had specific targets to destroy: Power plants, water systems, aluminum mills, munitions factories, etc.   

    It did not go well-for them. Within moments, a young coastguardsman, John Cullen, was walking his dog and came upon them while they were burying four wooden boxes in the sand on Long Island sound. They told him they were stranded fisherman, but he heard them speaking German as he approached, and nothing they said made sense.

    For some reason, perhaps the approaching sunrise, they decided not to kill him. They bribed him with cash. He turned the $100 down once, but they insisted so strongly, he accepted it, with the proviso "he tell no one." When they disappeared into the night, he ran back to base and returned with armed buddies. Once they dug up the waterproofed boxes with the explosives inside, they informed the FBI, and the chase was on.

    The group of saboteurs in Florida landed without difficulty. However, both groups had planned to reconnoiter on a certain date at a certain place in Cincinnati, where a sleeper agent, a Nazi sympathizer lived. Really poor spycraft.

    The FBI had already set agents to shadowing every possible member of a German-American organization, (Yes, one existed, in New Jersey, "The German-American Bund") and lo, The FBI rounded up all of the "terrorists," in a matter of days. It seem that one of the homegrown Nazis had ratted on the remainder, as is often the case.

    All eight got extended prison sentences, but following the war, President Truman commuted their sentences. After all, they hadn't blown anything up and we were now at peace with Germany, said he. .

    We're talking eight bad guys. Last week, our president stated that bunches of really bad people had infiltrated the surges coming up from Latin America. Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said (and I quote) "Customs and Border Protection had stopped over 3,000 'special interest aliens' trying to get in the country." (unquote)

    Sarah Sanders, the White House spokesperson, said the actual number is closer to 4,000 terrorists flooding in by land, sea and air.

    Come to find out, a "special interest person" is a person from a country from which the USA has ever refused a person entry; meaning England, for example. On December 22, 2201, Richard Reid, a British citizen (above) set off explosives secreted in one of his shoes in an attempt to down American Airlines Flight 63 between Paris and Miami. Passengers and attendants swarmed him and took the explosives away from him and extinguished the fire he caused.  Short story: Reid is serving a life sentence in an American lockup.

   Technically, this means that members of the British Royal family are possibly terrorists, by Jove, and all that sort of rot.

 PS: The latest word from the USA State Department is "There is no credible evidence of any terrorist has been found to have entered the United  States via Mexico."


--Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller 

    "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."óJoseph Menchen

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