February 19, 2020

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  It’s not being caused by the coronavirus that is deeply affecting great masses of Chinese people and the passengers held in isolation in cruise ships and camps devoted to keeping those recent arrivals by air until it can be determined who among them are carriers. By the beginning of March, authorities worldwide will have begun to suppress and contain the spread of a very dangerous virus and will soon be returning great numbers of those person free of contagion to the general populace.
  What is happening in Northern Syria at this moment is horrendous. It is being carried out by the murderous Syrian dictator Assad with the assistance of Russia.

  Assad’s troops have driven 800,000 starving and wounded Syrian men women and children out into a tiny corridor outside of Aleppo. They have no cover and no means of escaping the constant shelling and bombings. Even if they did, no agency, no government has come forward to help rescue
them. There is no functioning hospital. Only A handful of volunteers remain. They’ve a pitiful amount of food and no medicines.

  There will be none of either by the time you read this. 

  It is a shame that America and our allies are not imposing a no-fly, no shelling zone and doing everything possible to prevent further slaughter.
-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.

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