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 An Online Publication of The Anonymous Anything Society- March 20, 2019


    This past weekend I stumbled across a interesting article by Dr Steven Hobfoil , M.D., head of the Applied Psychology Center of Kent State University, on the harm that stress can cause we humans. This led me to make a quick survey across the World Wide Web on the subject.

    To begin, the amount of material about the cause of stress, diagnosis and possible means of relief, is profound.

    Studies of Americans indicate a steady uptick over the years in health problems caused by increasing stress in our society. We all respond to a threat with the inborn Fight or Flight response. Our hormones react, giving us a spurt of energy.

    We are built to cope with small doses that might occur, say an instance in threatening traffic, without suffering harmful consequences, but we not equipped to handle long term, chronic stress without paying a price. If it happens too often, or too much over an extended period of time, we are sure to suffer mentally and physically. Stress is sure to wear us down.

    Yes, as in unremitting combat, where troops exhibit Post Combat Disorder, stress can cause all sorts of health problems in all members of society, irrespective of our age or ethnicity. One can suffer from a myriad number of symptoms caused by stress: agitated or moody behavior, lack of energy, inability to sleep, headaches, tense muscles, rapid heart rate, even a clenched jaw or gritting teeth.

    In short, stress can masquerade as a multitude of disorders; as psoriases, diarrhea, dry mouth, difficulty in swallowing, ringing in the ears or sexual dysfunction.  

    The worst thing we can do is take drugs to ease our suffering, most especially street drugs. All are addictive. Many are pure poison The best thing you should do is contact your physician, who may recommend a therapist. If so, please follow through. If the problem built up over time, it is going to take some time to cure the problem. However, you may be amazed at the relief.

    There are some simple aids, if the problem is not severe. Several websites recommend exercise. The slow, deliberate muscle movement of Tai Chi may help. If the stress is not overwhelming, just doing something you like to do, makes good sense. One website recommends starting a to-do list to help you organize your tasks. Nearly all highly recommend getting outside help. Please do it. 

    One session could start you down the road to relief from stress and better health. According to Doctor Hobfoil, we Americans live in an especially stressful environment, when compared to people in other first world countries and the pressures have been building in the USA for decades.

    It is nice to know you are not at fault for our reaction to stress. It's our hormones and we inherited them.


    "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."óJoseph Menchen

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