Presidential Advisor Stephen Miller

 March 11, 2020

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  Petulant: Showing sudden irritation over some trifling annoyance – Websters

  Now that Roger Stone is possibly facing hard time sans pardon, the adjective leading this blog now belongs to senior advisor to the President Stephen Miller.

  If a vote of White House staffers was possible, everything I have read about Miller causes me to believe he would win the Presidential Prize for Petulancy by a wide margin.

  Miller is known for berating staffers in meetings, notably in the oval office when Trump is present. This offers the Donald frequent opportunities to play “good cop” to Miller’s “bad cop”… roles both relish.

  Miller’s long suit is talking over staffers. He asks questions, then cuts off the staffer who attempts a response. 

kids_in_detention.jpg  And what kind of positions have brought fame to Mr. Miller? Nearly all pertain to immigration. He is solidly against letting one more person become a citizen of the United States. He came up with the practice of keeping persons who seek asylum on the south side of the border. He was the one who proposed separating children from their parents. Permitting DACA children to remain and earn a pathway to citizenship is anathema to him.

  No one is as relentless as he is in preventing immigration and obsessive in punishing all those who may believe otherwise.

  Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition

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