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A Digital Publication of The Anonymous Anything Society - June 27, 2018


    The camera focuses on the steps of the legislature in Washington. There is the President dusting his hands off and smiling at the dozens of senators arrayed on the steps behind him.

    "Well, there's another tough job taken care of," says the big guy with the huge, orange hair, done Elvis-style, only bigger.

     A young lady with a microphone tries to get his attention. "What about the children?" she shouts after him.

    He pauses, distracted— about to step on Vice-President Pence, who has been standing behind him, transfixed, as usual. The Representative and the Senators are beginning to break up, but a few interested in the tableau lag behind the departing crowd of lawmakers. "Well Miss," President grins amiably, as he responds to the reporter, "I've solved that problem. Didn't you see me sign the executive order? What more do you want?"

    A covey of Secret Service agents held back the few lingering citizens as a team of tremendously overweight Capital Police* open a channel that led to a line of limos waiting to return Trump and company back to the White House. There were still many other more important things to do that day, such as have a chat with Xi Jinping of China on tariffs or decide who will join him for a round of golf at Mar-a-Lago this Saturday. He had neglected to announce which.

   FAKE NEWS DIVISION: None of the forgoing ever happened. Neither was the problem of the children separated from their parents ever really addressed. Everyone in authority is seeking new fish to fry. In kicking off Operation "Recover" the Department of Health and Human Services and ICE, and Border Protection...and all of our Senators and Representatives Everyone but Melania Trump left the job unfinished. In fact, someone deported a father back to Central America, but left his young daughter behind at the McAllen,Texas, collection center. One or the other will have to be flown somewhere to effect a reunion.

    Meanwhile, more untrue statements issued from the mouth of you-know-who. For example, when discussing the issue of the separated children while speaking before the Meeting of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, last week, President Trump said, "We don't need thousands and thousands of immigration judges to take care of this problem."

   Really? The facts are, the Federal Department of Justice (DOJ) has a total of approximately 335 immigration judges. It varies, because every day, about 40 percent of them become eligible for retirement, so the Justice Department may need to recruit at least 150 more if the administration hopes to make a dint in the present backlog of 700,000 cases, as of this date.

    Yes, Mr. President, you've only 335 immigration judges faced with 700,000 immigration cases to adjudicate, and more being added to the docket than reach a decision of guilt or innocence every day. Just by letting this incredible number of cases build this high is no less than insane, but you're not solely to blame.  Still, it's right in step with the national debt your great-great-great grandchildren cannot possibly pay-off, even if the income tax is raised to 50% or more of every families' incomes beginning next year. The last time one yearly federal budget was balanced was during the Clinton administration, and the last time the Federal U.S. was debt free was, like 1883, and never since.

    Keep in mind too that unless present immigration law is not amended by our Senate and House of Representatives and affirmed by presidential signature, each child in detention cannot be held longer than 20 days—this in accord with a 1997 federal court order. I think it's fair to say that the situation cannot get much worse. This is the definition of chaos. No wonder that the President and the entire legislative delegation wish to move on to other things.

*footnote: What do they feed those men and women who comprise the Capital Police? They look like Sumo wrestlers!


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."—Joseph Menchen

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