Kurdish Fighters Triumph over ISIS

Kurdish Fighters Triumph over ISIS



“Politics makes strange bedfellows” is a phrase attributed to many, including Shakespeare and American Author Charles Dudley Warner. It is most appropriate when borrowed to reflect upon the shameful manner in which our President has sold out the Kurds, a people without a land to call their own, by inviting Turkey to attack them in Syria; where, as of this writing, the U.S.A. has only a few boots left on the ground.

The Kurds are one of the most persecuted minorities of our time.

Yet, the Kurds were first in the mid-east to welcome our special forces. They kept Saddam Hussein from destroying an entire oil field. They have just about wiped-out the crazy cutthroats of ISIS.

Had not the Kurds stopped the festering forces of the Islamic State from dynamiting the dam at Mosul, ISIS could easily have sent the waters of the Tigris river crashing down upon Baghdad, drowning thousands.

The Kurds are part of a meager multinational armed force attempting to contain the mad butcher Assad, who uses gas and bombs to slaughter the people who have yet to flee Syria.

The Kurds want Turkey to permit them to form an autonomous state within Turkey similar to the one they achieved in Northern Iraq. There have been ongoing negotiations between what is the nebulous state of Kurdistan and Turkey since 1999. Little movement has been achieved by mediation, due to the intransigence of Turkey’s strongman, President Erdogan.

Our President admires Strongmen: Erdogan, Kim, Putin and Duterte of the Philippines. Hence, he gave a thumbs down to the Kurds.

-Phil Richardson, Editor


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