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A Digital Publication of The Anonymous Anything Society - May 23, 2018


    When 10 died in Santa Fe, Texas Friday, May 18th, the number of students plus teachers killed so far since the Columbine, Colorado  rampage (12 students and one teacher shot to death on April 20, 1999), crossed the 100 deaths-by-gunshot tally in our nation's schools.

     So far, the stats tell us there were 22 gunshot deaths in our schools in the first 20 weeks of this year (2018), exceeding the number of violent deaths reported for all of our armed service members during the same period.

    Doesn't it seem to you that the number of school shootings is escalating? What could be done to better protect our school children?

    Saturday, the Lieutenant Governor of Texas blamed abortion, divorce, and violent computer games. Texas Governor Greg Abbott talked about "hardening " schools by employing metal detectors. Sunday, Oliver North, famous for his role in the Iran Contra controversy, and incoming Chief of the National Rifle Association, placed some of the blame on Ritalin, a stimulant medicine used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, but none on owners of firearms.

    Well, if any of the above reasons contribute in the slightest to this insanity, let us place a nationwide ban on Ritalin, and put an armed school resource officer at a metal detector at each entrance of every school. It also would not be unreasonable to place a team of trained, armed police officers (no wimps, please) on all school grounds.

    The owners of firearms should be required to maintain sole control of a registered weapon, and the safe in which they are secured, and not surrender it, even if under duress to do so. Firearm ownership should require absolute control of every firearm by owners and their willingness to sacrifice their own lives in order to help protect our children.

    Stringent? You bet! I'm the owner of a 9-mm Luger handgun in a locked case in my nightstand and a double-barrel 16-gauge, Belgium shotgun in a closet nearby (the buckshot shells and keys for their cases are kept in a secret place) and I would "jump through as many hoops" as necessary to save the life of one child, if called to do so by our Congress. 

    God bless these newly suggested changes to the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. There could be many more. Please use the email link below, and suggest any others that come to mind.


Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."óJoseph Menchen

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