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A Weekly Online Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society —  January 3, 2018

THE RUSSIAN CONNECTION: Billionaire Aras Agalarov and Trump

    An Azerbaijani-Russian Trade-Show Producer (right), father of popular singer Emin Agalarov (left) and developer of a four million square-meter satellite city (Crocus) and giant shopping center adjacent to Moscow. According to Bloomberg Financial News, he is worth more than $1-billion.

    It all started with Trump's promoting a Miss Universe contest in Russia in 2013 (above). While doing so, he became very much involved with the Agalarov family and other oligarchs, who with the assistance of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, had seized pieces of the disintegrating USSR; vast holdings in real estate, transportation, petroleum, publishing and broadcasting—all under the control of Putin, the onetime assistant city manager of Saint Petersburg and retired lieutenant colonel in the KGB.

    From what Google tells me, Trump owns nothing in Russia or the satellite states in its hegemony, but a lot of Russians owe The Donald a fortune. I found a Reuters Worldwide News dispatch months ago that claims that 703 Russian nationals have purchased luxury apartments, costing a total of $98.4-million, in a Trump-branded development in south Florida, "Sunny Isles Beach Resort."

     According to Florida real estate filings, one of them is Alexander Yuzvik, a senior executive with Spektroi, a construction company noted for building Russian military facilities. Another is Andrei Truskov, a founder of Absolute Group, LLC., a Russian electronics manufacturer. Oleg Misevra, a coal magnate, with mines on Sakhalin island, is another investor in Trump's Florida apartments and Alexei Ustaev, founder and President of Viking Bank of Saint Petersburg, Russia, bought a three bed, five bath Trump condo for $5.2-million. If one drew lines from the names of all of the above on a whiteboard, they would all intersect with one name at the center: Vladimirovich Putin.

    Donald Trump's involvement with this cabal began with Trump's inclusion of Agalarov's son Emin in the Russian Miss Universe pageant. Trump later invited Aras and Emin to join him in Las Vegas.

     President Trump is telling the truth when he states that he owns nothing in Russia, but he will undoubtedly exploit his connections there once he leaves office. He is also friends with Mikheil Saakasvili, former President of Georgia, and the Mamadova family, along with Ilham Aliyev, who control most everything in Azerbaijan. Trump is currently involved in developing Trump towers in territories they control.

    Of all named above, Aras Agalarov is Trump's most important and closest liason with Putin.

   Nothing in the above means that something illegal under U.S. law has taken place, but the many connections with rich Russians may account for Trump's reticence about revealing his income tax returns. Perhaps Robert Mueller can somehow obtain this information without getting fired.


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