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FOLLOWING THE MONEY: With $200-billion, Vladimir Putin is World's Richest Person


    Collusion: A conspiracy for fraudulent purposes - Webster's Dictionary


    I will be very surprised if a grand jury indicts Donald Trump of conspiring with the Russians to commit fraud during the 2016 Presidential election. On the other hand, Trump is very much affected by the Russian money Putin and his many rich oligarchs are throwing at Trump. I don't think any of it will benefit Americans, with the exception of a handful of close associates of The Donald. 

    Ignore the fact that our President has set an entire ravenous wolfpack of appointees to destroying Federal Agencies founded and supported by Presidents of both parties and whose aims have heretofore been to protect we citizens and our environment. I was a Republican for 68 years and this makes no sense to me whatsoever. It is regressive, a return to the dark ages.

    Trump told us that he could be President and still do business. And how! The flood of rubles flowing to the personal Trump Treasury is precisely why he has fought and succeeded in keeping his income tax returns secret, so far. Even the smartest person in the Universe dare not mess with the IRS.

    If we only knew how Trump is beholden to Putin and the oligarkiskies!, Two weeks ago, I named a few from the list of 700 Russians, obtained by Bloomberg News,* who've invested as much as $98-million in luxury apartments in Trump Towers in Sunny Isles Beach in Florida, a development adjacent to Miami. A few: The President of Viking Bank of St, Petersberg, a major Russian electronics manufacturer and the head of a Russian construction company that builds Russian military facilities.

    Then, there are Trump towers going up in several countries that were once within the old Soviet orbit. All owned by virtual dictators of Azerbaijan, Crimea and Georgia, (and maybe Crocus, a Moscow suburb, as well). All to be controlled by confidantes (Good buddies) of Vladimirivich Putin, who have enriched him enormously. All mean big business for Trump, as well. 

    Putin is not our friend. I do not want to be friends with anyone like him. Consider what he is doing for Assad of Syria and to the Ukraine.

    I keep repeating myself, but I think it bad policy for the President of the United States of America to be so beholden financially to the President of Russia, who now estimated by International Business News to be worth $200-billion (Making him the richest man on Earth) and who is suspected of being complicit in the murders of former Russian officials, political opponents, and journalists to gain it.

    *Mike Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg News Agency (mostly financial) and longtime New York Mayor.


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