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  An Online Publication of The Anonymous Anything Society- March 27, 2019


    Two years is enough. Instead of waiting for the meaning of the chicken bones thrown by our political witch doctors, I'm going to do what the Ex-Special Counsel did, or the paparazzi who followed him said he did. I'm going to take my wife out to dinner.

     No, there are enough talking heads and God love them, politicians, to tell us what's what in the next 365 news cycles. Besides, I can't spell subpoena, let alone know how to use one. If it entails hiring lawyers, it's bound to be costly.

     We Americans are a bunch better off than the folks in the Mother Country, not so great any more, Disunited Kingdom. Their major political parties are at each others' throats about the proper way to no longer be a part of the European Union.

     The preposterous idea has a name: Brexit (British Exit?). I can't stop thinking that a great many of the Brits must be asking themselves, "Just what is it that we did to ourselves, and why did we do it ?"

    We colonists spent tremendous amounts of men and treasure in the past century in order to keep the union of Allies intact. Still, we have absolutely no say in the matter. I need to remind myself it's a European Union.  

    Except for that narrow channel that swimmers have crossed with minimal aide for decades, both the UE and the UK are part of the same piece of real estate, now connected by a tunnel.

     Both are bound by history since primordial time. British kings Edward III and Henry III claimed France as part of their monarchy. Later on, The Duke of Wellington defeated French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte at Waterloo. In 1815, Britain saw to Napoleon's exile on the island of Saint Helena, where he died in 1821. Twice in the past century, the U.K. sacrificed the flower of British youth in Europe, preventing it from being swallowed up by a militarily dominated Germany.   

    Brexit is giving rise to an old problem: The Republic of Ireland and the three British Counties in Northern Ireland the Brits have clung to are inexplicably tied to a British exit from the European Union. The Irish Republic is booming economically due to business connections it has with the E.U. and fear that Brexit may restart "The Troubles" endured by the Irish people over British intransigence about governance over three counties in Northern Ireland.


   - Phil Richardson, Storyteller and observer of the human condition.

    "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."óJoseph Menchen

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