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former Special Counsel Robert Mueller



Here’s my quandary: The date above is not the date I began writing the blog that appears below in this space on Wednesdays. I usually have found something worthy of exploring on Sunday, giving me four days to research, refine, spell check and send to my wife Phyllis to proof-read and my friend James Bromley to transpose for the internet server before it is published; something that will pique your interest.

Trouble is, for me at least, Robert Mueller is to appear before two House of Representatives’ committees beginning very early on the morning of 24 July, i.e. Today, Dear Reader.

I feel that Mueller’s testimony will be nothing more than a repetition of his prior pronouncements. (We may not indict a sitting president for committing a crime.)

I may be surprised by a blockbuster, or one or more of the Representatives will have something of significance to report. If not…The Boy Scout oath urges that one be prepared.  Hence the following tid bit:

It is an open and substantial question whether an incumbent president is subject to indictment for committing a crime, leaving the only avenues now possible under the Constitution to remove Mr. Trump is impeachment, or at the polling places in the next general election.  Or, almost beyond imagining, he resigns, like Nixon did.

Even if the House votes for impeachment by an overwhelming margin, the Republican Senators will not affirm it. You can take that to the bank.

-– Phil Richardson, Editor

Our unending thanks to Jim Bromley, who programs our Archive of Prior Commentaries

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