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former Special Counsel Robert Mueller



Four hours and seven pages of notes with only two “AhHa” moments, although the Chairmen, Jerrold Nader and Adam Schiff of the House oversight committees did a creditably job of moving things along, giving both parties ample opportunity to examine former war hero, prosecutor and FBI Director Robert Mueller. I don’t know him at all. Is he always this deliberate? Was I dreaming when he agreed that “someone” ought to be impeached, before I fell out of my favorite TV watching chair this morning? (I got up at 3:30 a.m.).

It was not nearly as exciting as the Toronto Raptors vs The Golden State Warriors Championship series or the Women’s World Soccer Championship.

A general, overriding impression: The Republicans were jittery, mad and for once, outnumbered.

“The attempt to remove The Special Counsel would classify as an obstructive act if it would obstruct the investigation by any grand jury that would flow from the inqiury”- Representative Hakeem Jeffries.(D) New York 7/25/2019

-– Phil Richardson, Editor

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