Phil Richardson

 May 6, 2020

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Dr. Brett Giroir
  According to the Associated Press, President Trump declared on May 2nd that the virus testing he ordered is a great success even though his treatment czar in the White house, Dr. Brett Giroir, denied this claim. “There is no way on earth we can administer the necessary 20-million tests a day,” Giroir is quoted as saying last week.

  Sunday Morning, MAY 3:  The acclaimed CBS documentary (YouTube link) revisited the polio pandemic of the 1930s, a time when the press helped conceal that our President had been crippled by the disease that felled thousands of young people.

FDR in Wheelchair
  This story is very important to me. Leland Bisbee, Jr. of Jackson Michigan, who sent me to Tucson in 1960 to manage Tucson’s enormously popular radio station KTKT, had been severely crippled by polio when he was a teen. Bisbee could not take a step without locking his leg braces, yet he was a very active businessman and world traveler.

  Finally, a story from the ‘IOT World of Today’ website (link) describes the slowdown effect COVID-19 is making on the emergence of 5G and the “Internet of Things.”

  Conclusion: With the supply chain so severely disrupted, the immediate future for a 5G rollout and the miracles it promises is delayed for at least six months and perhaps longer.

-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human condition

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