Students for Trump Rally in Phoenix Church

  July 1, 2020

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17th-century Plague Doctor
  The inhabitants of London in 1695 knew more about how to treat with a pandemic than either our president or the current governor of Arizona, where I have lived since 1956 and do today. 

  After the Bubonic Plague, believed to be carried by rats, wiped out half of the inhabitants of Europe and the British Isles, surviving Londoners found that avoiding all others in a public place began to slow down the death rate.  Tracing down all of the people who might have been contacted by those exhibiting symptoms and issuing a quarantine, or period of isolation for all of them, was the most effective methodology used to end the pandemic.

  I would be remiss if I didn’t warn people who attend any big gathering at this time, that they are risking their lives..

  After following the increasing death rate of people in Arizona due to Covid-19, I find nothing to support in Governor’s Ducey’s retraction of the strictest health measures possible.  I have never found President Trump’s attempts to deprecate the real threat to our survival the least bit amusing.

  Instead, members of the Arizona National Guard should be deployed to check as many people’s reaction to a test for Covid-19, as quickly as possible.

  I hope that readers in any or all of our States support our proposition.

    … Or become a body parts donor, as soon as possible.


 -Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.

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