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An Online Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society — December 26, 2018


    Under the Constitution, The President, Vice President and all Officers of The United States may be impeached and removed from office. The impeachment process of removing a president from office is established by the U.S. Constitution, and it's a complicated and difficult one. Ben Franklin proposed it, calling it a "Better way of removing "obnoxious" presidents.

     The process must be initiated in the House of Representative. It only takes one representative listing the charges or "Articles of Impeachment." against the official being impeached, but then the full House must vote on the resolution for the matter to be moved to the Senate.

    If passed by the House, The Articles of Impeachment are considered by the Senate in a trial presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, with 100 Senators serving as the jury.

    If a Super-Majority (67) of Senators vote in favor of conviction of the President for "Treason, Bribery, High Crimes & Misdemeanors", then we have to consider what to do about Vice President Pence, for if The Donald is toast, the Constitution states that Pence gets to sit at the big desk in the Oval Office.


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller 

    "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."—Joseph Menchen

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