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    Feb 2, 2016.  According to NBC News, Hillary Clinton is projected to have edged out Bernie Sanders on the Democrat party slate by less than a percentage point in the Iowa Caucus.  Ted Cruz is the projected winner in the Republican column with 28 percent, over "The Donald's" 24 percent.  Marco Rubio is a very close 3rd among Republicans with 23 percent.  With all other aspirants far behind the front runners, some have already announced they are dropping out. ...But you already know this. Let's permit the pundits to expound endlessly, while we are engaged by some comic relief.      

    I am writing the following some 12 hours before I wrote the preceding paragraph and more of the presidential hopefuls boarded a flight from Iowa to New Hampshire, or one of those other little states crammed together between Canada and the Atlantic seaboard; that frigid territory where all New Englanders are presumed to be related to the couple in "American Gothic" (A familiar painting by Grant Wood, done in the early 1930s - below); replete with denizens who apparently have nothing to do but drink coffee and make themselves available to the media, and forever contend that they (Ma and Pa Kettle), are vastly important in the interminable process of picking a president. 

    The late baseball great Yogi Berry is credited with providing the best analysis of this and countless other protracted situations, with "It ain't over until it's over."  (That may be about the only thing he actually did say.)

    While ruminating on the variety of offerings of some 65,000 "followers" who profess to exposing their minds to my mental aberrations from time to time via Twitter, Facebook or a lengthy commentary such as this, I somehow crossed the trail—rather, the website—of a group of spoofers who call themselves "Represent US." I can only assume that this title is double entendre. 

    Under the banner, "Congress won't fix corruption—we will," they purport to have backed a candidate in the last Federal Senate race and are now "helping fix America's corrupt political system" by supporting the same: "Honest Gil" Fulbright, a politician who promises that when elected president, will take any position on any issue in exchange for a large political contribution.

    If you enjoy satire, click Honest Gil's site  http://honestgil.com and many of his forgettable promises.  Be aware that this may be no more than an enterprise designed to extract a few bucks from we "hicks from the sticks." (Ask someone over 75 years of age).

    After close observation of some 88 years, I am led to state that many of the promises made by successful candidates for the presidency never became a reality, for one reason or another, anyway.

    We might just as well relax... for the present election cycle has nine more months of gestation through which we must suffer. 


     -Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself." - Joseph L. Menchen



  American Gothic

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