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An Online Publication of The Anonymous Anything Society - May 15, 2019


    I received a copy of Special Council Robert Mueller's Report Saturday, May 11th. It may take more than a month to read it and even longer for this minor league reporter to reach some conclusions, for whatever they're worth.

    It all started with Trump promoting a Miss Universe contest in Russia. While doing so, he became involved with Aras Agalarov, father of Emin Agalarov, a popular Russian singer. 

    Aras  is a super-rich (According to Bloomberg Financial News, worth at least $1-Billion US dollars) real estate developer of a four-million-square-meter satellite city (Crocus) and shopping center that's adjacent to Moscow. Agalarov is from Azerbaijan and owes much of his success to one Vladimir Putin,

    Putin, a former KGB (secret police) colonel and once assistant city manager of Saint Petersburg, Russia, was standing at the elbow of President Boris Yeltsin when Yeltsin (deceased in 2007) decided to bail from a near-bankrupt USSR and bad health.

    Putin promptly promoted the seizure of pieces of the disintegrating USSR by a cabal of instant oligarchs who now own Russian oil, pipelines, railroads, media, real estate, etc, and in return, made Putin the World's Richest Personó According to Bloomberg News, worth 84-billion dollars. 

    Reuters Worldwide News Service claimed in January of 2018 that by then, Russian nationals had purchased 703 of 2044  apartments in "Sunny Isles Beach Resort," all Trump branded towers in South Florida, shown above. Trump gets a commission from the builder, all legal, I rush to add.

    I have found that the first challenge for readers of the Mueller Report is to become acquainted with a cast of characters, whose names are almost impossible to spell, let alone pronounce. 

     According to Florida real estate filings, one of the purchasers of a luxury apartment in Florida Trump Towers is Alexander Yuzvic, a senior executive with Spektroi, a major builder of Russian military facilities. Another is Andrei Truscov, founder of Absolute Group, a Russian electronics maker, Yet another is Oleg Misevra, a coal magnate with mines on Sakhalin Island.

     Alexei Ustaev, Founder of Viking Bank, Saint Petersburg, paid Trump $5.2 million for a three bedroom, fine bathroom condo in Florida.

    It is no secret that Trump wants to get permission to build a Trump tower on "Red Square", near the Kremlin. That's the location of the tomb of Vladimir Lenin as well as the seat of Russian government; Like Putin asking to build a new Russian Embassy next to the Lincoln monument.

    The Putin-Trump Mutual Admiration Society was formed at least two years before the 2016 election, By then, according to the Mueller Report, the first form of Russian Influence in the 2016 election was being exerted by The Internet Research Agency, (IRA) founded by Yevgeny Victorovich Prigozhin, a prominent Russian businessman and close friend of Putin's. Its goal: to sow discord in the United States. 

    According to the Mueller Report, Using fictitious names, IRA agents, while pretending to be U.S. citizen activists, opened social media accounts that exacerbated divisive U.S. political and social issues. Employees of IRA traveled to the U.S. in order to better research issues important to American audiences. They obtained photos to better illustrate their social media posts.

    (I find it expedient to call them spies) Russian spies propagandized millions of voters, with paid advertising on social media.  According to Colin Stetch, General Council for Facebook, 80,000 posts reached approximately 126 million people.

    I spent 36 years in the advertising business. Those kind of numbers are impressive.

    The Mueller investigation resulted in criminal charges being brought against 13 individual Russian nationalists and three entities for conspiracy to defraud the United States.

    My question: Did any of these Russian spies communicate with individuals associated with the Trump Campaign?

    The Take Away: How could they have not?


- Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.



    "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."óJoseph Menchen

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