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    This quote is taken from an ABC News video forwarded to me by a friend: "The  timidity of Americans to vote for and force real change in our healthcare system will continue making us a willing participant in our own pilfer."  Reporter Egberto Willies describes how an air ambulance company billed a man $47,086.16 for transporting his daughter, who had been injured in an automobile accident, a short distance to a hospital. Before she was transported, the father was required to sign a contract that immediately became a promissory note requiring him to pay the full amount in the event his medical insurance did not cover all of the cost—the amount of which was not revealed at the time of the transport. I believe that if any of us had been this parent, we would have signed anything put before us without question; without hesitation. In this instance, a worst case scenario ensued. The father was hit with the entire cost.  

   I know it's Victorian in usage, as well as trite, but "intrepid" is the perfect adjective for the TV reporter who documented that all costs of this particular rescue and transport situation. The costs to the helicopter owner, including patient care while being transported, should not have exceeded $12,000. Even though the costs associated with a helicopter and a staff to run these kind of rescue operations are bound to be high, on the face of it, profits appear to be enormous. I think you readers would agree with me when I say unfairly so, but apparently allowable. Situations such as the one described above are bound to be disastrously costly to families. Perhaps it's time for a new Medicare and Medicaid; a new Affordable Care Act.

     You think we got healthcare funding problems now? in 2003, Medicare covered about 40-million Americans. With ObamaCare kicking in, enrollment in various cradle-to-the-grave health care programs may soon exceed 100-million people or more.

 -Phil Richardson, Observer of the human condition and storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself." - Joseph L. Menchen


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