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A Digital Publication of The Anonymous Anything Society - May 30, 2018


    The name identifies something sinister in society; the phrase first used by a British novelist and retired spy, John Le Carre' in his 2013 novel, "A Delicate Truth," when he wrote of a fictional cabal; a group of wealthy insiders whose exclusive access to the media allowed them to rule over the rest of us—by manipulating a state within a state.

    It seems to have been a decade ago, I ran into the phrase when it was used by Steve Bannon, the off-again-on again executive of the ultra-right-wing Breitbart news blog. At that time, he spoke of a group of One World Conspirators who allegedly met in an Austrian castle, where according to Bannon, they would coordinate their own strategies, including the ideological goal of a "One World" government.

    It was at least five years before I learned that Bannon was—for a few months—head of the Trump campaign, 

    I think it was sometime in 2016, when I read Bannon was suddenly no longer CEO of the Trump Campaign and was back at Brietbart, allegedly due to an unflattering editorial in the blog about the President's son-in law, Jared Kushner.

    I was surprised to learn this week that Bannon is back in the White House, serving on a committee hoping to thwart all attempts to bring Trump to testify before Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  Well, good luck with that.

    I read a headline today on Fox News, quoting one of their commentators, "Report of an FBI spy fuels suspicion that the Russia investigation is nothing more than a political coup by the Obama Deep State."

    Hitler's Minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, taught that if something is said again and again, over and over, people will believe anything. Expect to hear the words "FBI Informant," "Spy, "Spygate" and "Obama Deep State" often in the next days.

      FIRE AND FURY - A new book by Michael Wolff from Amazon, which says it affords extraordinary access to the West Wing. I couldn't. resist ordering it a few minutes ago.

Stay tuned.


Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller. "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."—Joseph Menchen

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