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  May 13, 2020

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  Zheng-Li-She, a virologist who runs a lab in Wuhan, China was the first to claim that certain bats in Asia are carriers of coronaviruses. She and a collaborator, Peter Daszak, president of EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit based in New York, published a paper three years ago that named certain bats as carriers of the virus that is causing the present pandemic.

  The claim by the U.S. that a market in Wuhan was the origin of the outbreak was contradicted in late January by a group of physicians from Beijing and Wuhan, but that can be expected in a police state where “the press” is overtly suppressed.      

  The Malaysian city of Singapore reacted immediately and forcefully to the threat of COVID-19. It closed its borders to non-residents and began testing a major portion of its population, especially those exhibiting symptoms and those with whom known
"Typhoid" Mary Mallon
victims had contact; this according to David Quammen (link), reporter for New Yorker magazine, whose article “The Warnings: What we should have known to prepare for COVID-19,”(link) was published this week in the May 11th issue of the magazine, under a section titled Annals of Medicine.

  Chinese spokespersons point to the fact that no person with close connections to the first patient admitted for treatment for COVID-19 in Wuhan, was ever found to exhibit like symptoms.

  This is easily explained by the fact that certain individuals act as asymptomatic “carriers”.   

Reopen Protesters
  There is an infamous case of a “Typhoid Mary” Mallon (1869-1938) in America’s Medical Annals, a “Nannie’ who in the early decades of the 1920s, carried death to several families before she was isolated and permanently quarantined.

  Despite the rantings by persons who want the onerous controls removed, we fear these “Freedom Fighters” gathering in front of state legislatures, beaches, concerts and their favorite salons and defying controls, are inviting an apocalypse.

  Death is Nature’s way of telling you to rethink your position. 

    -Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.

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