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There is a limit to the outrage with which the mind must cope while viewing the scenes of dead and abused children on our southern border and in our concentration camps.

The photo of a father and his daughter, both drowned, but still clinging to each other, haunts me.

People in our government, now horribly misma
naged by a sociopath who has conned millions more suckers than Bernie Madoff ever did, are complicit in this.

King Solomon could have easily added to the advice found in Ecclesiastes 3: “There is a time to weep and a time to get so mad we’re not going to take it anymore!” (My heretic version of an outburst by Howard Bell, a news anchor portrayed by Peter Finch in a 1976 episode of “Network.”)

Yes, to all who have been admitted to the cult, I mouth heresy. They are surrounded by members of their herd; the base of supporters who confront the “others,” especially the “enemies of the people,” the media, whom Trump accuses of spreading lies about him.

Time will tell. Time will eventually winnow out the truth of his accusations; the truth of his business connections with Putin and Putin’s gang of multi-million-ruble oligarchs who own Russia.

Tragically, there are very few in the Trump cult who are able to discern their pitiable condition and leave the cult.

Donald Trump’s self-serving distortions of reality will someday be accepted as products of a clever, but devious mind.
For a tyrant, most of us do not exist. We scufflers in the crowd are pawns, relegated to act in his behalf

-– Phil Richardson, Editor


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