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  September 9, 2020

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    Readers of this blog should know that that this writer opposes most every notion that might support the continued presidency of Donald J. Trump.
Trump Finally Wears a Mask at Walter Reed Medical Center
    I accuse him of delaying far too long before finally...FINALLY identifying the worst disaster ever to kill as many Americans: 180,000 thus far.

   Why that doesn't sufficiently scare you bar patrons, you gym rats or those with students attending "live teacher" classes, is beyond me.

   I fear there will be many many more deaths if subsequent waves erupt.  And I predict it will be many months before you and I are inoculated. 

   It was only recently that Trump condescendingly began to call it "The China Virus" and would don a mask from time to time – something no more serious than teenage acne. He predicted it would just "magically disappear".

Covid-19 Projection
w/o Mass Vaccinations
   This could be worse than the Bubonic Plague.  In the Middle Ages it threatened  to kill every human.  Only the lack of communication then saved humanity.   Also keep in mind that smallpox, another viral disease, came close to wiping out the entire race of Native Americans.  And that thousands were crippled by Polio in the 1920s and 1930s, including a man who was to become President - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

   Why didn't the USA treat Covid-19 with the same urgency as we did with Ebola? We dispatched teams of health officials, physicians, even the U.S. military, to Africa and Latin America. We either closed our doors or quarantined all entrants.

   Wuhan, long identified as the location of the initial cases, is not some back-country village.  It is known to our embassy as the "Chicago of China" or the “Second City” - as populous as the City on the banks of Lake Michigan.  We welcomed airline passengers from there weeks after the outbreak of the corona virus outbreak was known to health officials here.   Trump could have ordered the shutdown of all arrivals by air or ship from there or quarantined them pending examination.  But he did not act with the needed haste or effectiveness.
   We do not know as yet if this pandemic may be repeated in subsequent waves this winter. There is no reason to disbelieve one theory that we may need an annual inoculation. It may be months before the first round of effective vaccine is available. We are far from being out of the woods.

Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.

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