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An Online Publication of the Anonymous Anything Society — December 19, 2018

 ABOUT LOSING THE TRADE WAR WITH CHINA: America on the brink of another Great Depression

    In November 2018, the monthly trade deficit between us and China had risen to a new high, according to the bean counters at Goldman Sachs, perhaps the largest investment firm in the world. This is really Bad News

     This business of imposing higher tariffs on imports has never been good for anyone but the governments that collect them.

    China, with cheap labor, will always win in such a contest, despite how great a wheeler-dealer Trump thinks and says he is. Here is a Know-It-All who has taken bankruptcy five times, and stiffed an army of small contractors and workers.  

      U.S. exports to China have tanked, from $12-billion a month to down to less than $8-billion, so all that talk from Trump about   negotiating a great deal with China is "fake news."

         China has been stealing our technology for a long, long time. It encouraged more economic "observers" and students to come to America than to any other country, in order to steal our secrets, which they are still doing. Also, we need to hack THEIR State owned businesses.

    We need to punish them. How about screening the Chinese visitors and students as we do for possible terrorists? With the help of South America, Australia and New Zealand, forbid their huge factory ships from illegally taking millions of tons of fish and whales in the far south Pacific. We also should persuade all of the free world's navies to sail through those fake islands China is dredging up in International waters.

    The biggest brunt of this disastrous trade policy is being borne by American farmers. Anyone want to invest in a soybean farm?

     "Donald, We don't need diplomas from MIT to know that you are losing this war, big time. Take a look at any stock market index. The price of stocks is in free fall. Big business is fleeing, and small businesses are laying off employees all over the fruited plain."


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller 

    "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."—Joseph Menchen

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