I'm Right Again dot com    August 21, 2019


This includes any knockoff of this most efficient killing machine undergoing constant use in public massacres. I keep asking myself, ‘’What’s the reason for this madness and when is it ever going to end?” 

I’m not against guns, per se. I have a Belgian, double barrel, 16-gauge shotgun a few steps away from me now and a 9-millimeter automatic handgun in the top drawer of a bureau on my side of the bed. Furthermore, I qualified for sharpshooter with the Garand and Browning Automatic Rifles at Ft. McClellan, Alabama and helped carry an 81-millimeter mortar during a nine month “bad camping trip” in the Philippine Islands

My father and mother gave me a single shot .22 caliber rifle sold in the 1939 Montgomery-Ward catalog for my 12th birthday. When I was 13, my father let me hunt quail, rabbits and squirrels with his model 97, 12-gauge, pump shotgun, all under close supervision, of course. It was a time when men handed down the hunter-gatherer DNA from countless generations past. My father’s mantra included this precept: “Never kill anything you do not intend to eat.”

Arizona has more quail than any other place in the world. I’ve spent many days hunting these marvelous, hardy, illusive game birds. Nothing is more delicious than fried quail on a crisp, autumnal evening.      

I oppose the National Rifle Association in their constant opposition to sensible gun control. The President says he is against crazy people having guns.

Exactly what and when is our Federal government going to start doing something about it? Make the AR-15 as difficult to own as the Thompson sub-machine gun, once the weapon of choice of prohibition-era gangsters of the 1920’s and 30s, now very difficult and expensive for even collectors to own.

Yes, criminals and crazy people will get guns, but this is a start at getting them and Assault Rifles off the street.

 -Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.    

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