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Andrew G. McCabe
An Online Publication of The Anonymous Anything Society- March 6, 2019


    I checked the New York Times website the first thing this (past Sunday) morning to learn how the former FBI deputy director's book referenced above ranked in sales. It's the leader this week; the Number One seller in Non-Fiction Books, according to the "Times."

    That came as no surprise. I spent more time reading the hard copy of "The Threat" than I dedicated full time to any book since "Gone With the Wind," Those who know me can testify to the fact that I'm a reader. I think the fair adjective is "voracious."    

    Life's vagaries shove you in directions that are unexpected and really, unpredictable. I'm sure this is what happened in the lives of many readers. It was during his last summer of law school at Washington University, while involved in an internship at the Department of Justice, that Andrew McCabe caught the bug that made him want to be an FBI Agent and not your typical young attorney in some big-money law firm. In 1995, he filled out an application to work for the FBI and us, the citizens of The United States of America, beginning in 1996, in the New York City Field Office.

    I believe everyone who believes in justice who reads McCabe' book will be enthralled. It is dense, but as the expression goes, a Page Turner. Even if you watched every episode of the TV show The FBI, starring Efrem Zimbalist, you and I learned little about the actual protocol of an FBI investigation. If I could characterize how the FBI decides to investigate a charge brought to their attention, from reading "The Threat," two words best characterizes their work: carefully and quietly.

    That's what grabbed me, for I now remember how quiet FBI Agents were when one would appear at a crime scene I was covering for radio and TV (my first job in broadcasting included going to police headquarters every morning and reading police reports on the desk of the Desk Sergeant).

    After reading this book, I was reassured: There is no group of people in our society so scrutinized by experienced supervisors and a clear, trustworthy, written protocol for proceeding. Sadly nowadays, politics, not reason, intervenes far too often.  

    Andrew McCabe did his own description on the book's back cover: (in part) "Between the world of chaos and the world of order stands the rule of law. Every person in the United States, from a murderer to the president, is subject to the rule of law. This has been true since the founding of the country. Yet now the rule of law is under attack, including from the president himself."

(The following quote is found on Page 259: "As for my own firing and the ostensible reasons behind it, the demands and risks of an ongoing legal process put tight constraints on what I can say, although I would like to say much more. I am filing a suit that challenges my firing and the IG's (Inspector General's) process and findings and the unprecedented way DOJ (Department of Justice) handled my termination. I will let that action speak for itself.")

 Phil's Opinion: Andrew McCabe was fired for his unwillingness to swear fealty to Trump. I pray for his complete vindication and that includes pay far beyond recompense for what we would have owed him had he not been fired. 


-Phil Richardson, Observer of the Human Condition and Storyteller 

    "He goes doddering on into his old age, making a public nuisance of himself."óJoseph Menchen

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