Rapid Advances in 5G Antennas

 May 20, 2020

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Neighborhood 5G Antenna
  Imagine competing with a gaggle of self-driving (autonomous) vehicles every time you take the family anywhere, having your appendix removed by remote control, done by a famous surgeon in Hamburg, Germany, driving cross country in an electric luxury car that costs virtually nothing to maintain, and downloading a streaming film in just a few seconds.

  Connectivity to more things than you can imagine is available today to a handful of people in a half-dozen metropolitan areas.

  I am communicating weekly with a dozen “gurus” who offer downloadable  “books” about the speed and the economy of the “5G” Internet of things; mostly  how to become wealthy once the unholy cost of COVID-19 is quelled and we subscribe to one of their “how-to” books guaranteeing, for a price, that each will make you a magician on Wall Street in the approaching decade. 

Cellphone "Cacti"
 The thing that overshadows all of this is the overwhelming cost of developing a vaccine, but that is going to take time, probably a year and tons of money.

  There is another cost to this “5G” world: Many, many, more cellular towers in every neighborhood and the cost of building and lofting scores of low-earth-orbiting satellites, necessary to make “5G” function properly

  There is this and more, beginning with the cost of a new “5G” cellphone. Sorry, the present smart phones are not smart enough.

  There is this about technology. It takes place almost immediately in a greatly compressed time frame.

     -Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.

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