OMS: I suffered what was a small "stroke" (cerebral accident) this morning and feel fortunate to have recouped enough to broadcast a final issue of the Anonymous Anything blog:
My gratitude for your participation; especially the faithful support by Jim (K7JEB) who found many great illustrations and for uploading the blog to the server over the last decade.
73, Phil (K7OS)
There is a time for everything - Ecclesiastes 3

The Final Count Down

  January 6, 2021

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The Anonymous Anything Society


   The Founding Fathers from the smaller, less populous States immediately realized that States such as Pennsylvania and New York would dominate in the selection of a President and Vice President if it all depended on a popular vote.

 Therefore, they agreed to the installation of this then novel compromise in the Constitution of the United States: Each candidate running for President and his or her Vice President are represented by electors who are generally chosen from the candidates' political parties.

   Many of the details of this process are incorporated in the various States' laws, but as a rule, it generally boils down to a general "Winner Take All" situation:  When you vote for a President and partner Vice President whose names appear on the ballot, you are actually voting for their electors.

   Due to the imposition of special pressures imposed by the incumbent President, Donald J. Trump, this week promises to be a memorable one.  

Phil Richardson,  Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition


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