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  September 30, 2020

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Mask, Mr. President?
   Despite the many requests for donations and interruptions on TV, the opportunity for we Americans to vote is tremendously exciting. I've no doubt that many millions of us invite the body to test dangerously inflated pressures throughout our bodies while doing so. Just so there are no infarctions in one's brain.

   It may help if I pass passages and suggestions from the Affordable Care Act that make life a bit more amenable for the halt and blind, such as making facemasks for the current president and his intractable cohorts.

  ( Question: why is it proper to wear one when appearing at a family function and then advising thousands it's okay to refrain from wearing one at a campaign event? )

Supreme Court Nominee
Amy Coney Barrett
   If you do find something nice to say about at least one of the many positions publicly announced prior to the installation of a hastily installed Supreme Court Justice, here's your lifetime opportunity to ventilate.

-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of The Human Condition

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