September 23, 2020

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The Time of the Hanging Chads

Notable Republicans Examine Hanging Chads in 2000
   It began on November 7th of 2000, when the doors were closed and computers in the nation's polling places had begun to declare who had won the many races, most importantly, who was going to be President: Al Gore or George Bush?

   Relying on exit polls, the television networks declared for Gore. Democrat Party headquarters exploded with joy.

   "Not so fast." protested Republican operatives in Florida. "What about all these hanging chads?"

Newspaper Election Quandary
   They were referring to tiny fragments of cardboard that were tenaciously clinging to thousands of thin, cardboard ballots. It was soon obvious that only a not
George W Bush Inauguration
yet invented mind reading machine could determine the choices intended by hordes of voters.

   Both parties soon took their case to court, First Florida State Courts, followed by Federal Courts, ending as Constitutionalists originally intended: in the U.S. Supreme Court. It came down to the matter of a recount. The justices ruled against it.  George Bush "The Younger" was sworn in.

   This went to further add to the  realization of the importance of the Supreme Court in each of our lives.

   The life of Justice Ginsburg shall forever be celebrated and her loss forever lamented. She made a last request: That her seat not be filled until after our  forthcoming choice of president in November will have been made.

   I fear that this request will be ignored.

Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition

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