October 28, 2020

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    Yes, every four years, we Americans elect or re-elect a President: Each time, we are told that the upcoming election is bound to be transformative.

Senatorial Candidates McSally and Kelly
   I can predict the outcome of one local political race: Either Arizona Republican Senator Martha McSally, who was appointed to finish the term of the late John McCain by the Republican Governor of Arizona, will be returned to Washington for a full four years or Democratic Party candidate Mark Kelly will replace her. (I risk my reputation as a political panjandrum by picking Kelly.)

    Either way, we voters will not be any longer subjected to a string of often biting, back-to-back political advertisements-paid for by their donors.

Horatio Seymour (D-NY)
   I am 93 and I was fortunate in having two Great Uncles, John and Christopher Hill, who were acquainted with a backwoods lawyer, Abraham Lincoln, when they all lived in Springfield, the Illinois State Capital. They often recounted the dark times; the upheavals that followed Lincoln's assassination-particularly the 1868 race between Republican Ulysses S. Grant and a Democratic Party Candidate named Horatio Seymour.(?)

   "The Atlantic." a leading publication at that time, declared the contest to be "The most important election Americans will have ever known."

-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition

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