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  October 14, 2020

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Early Political Statistics (1850)
      Once upon a time I read that one can prove anything by the use of statistics.  Sunday programs and the Sunday morning press (printed and electronic) are full of numbers, many of which are offered by officeholders and other public servants, such as heads of health departments.  I'm going to ignore the writers of things dealing with sports and see what stats will evolve in a sampling provided by politicians, healers and a cross section of readers of things that make their way into the public domain.

    First this revelation: I was an iron-bound member of the Republican party for 73 years. (Until 2016) I crossed the straight party "ticket" line once or thrice in all those years.  I'm literally scared to death that COVID-19 may punish me for that loyalty.

Social Media Stats
    I now push my opinions each week on owners of 70 different e-mails, two of  whom repost my "blatherings" (a word derived from a Scottish Gaelic dialect spoken by Appalachian coal-miners
The Political Pie (Chart)
of my youth, that means just what you fear it does).

   I have no idea how many people read this blog, but this past week I harvested 44 responses from readers, about half of whom reside in Pima County, Arizona.  Something like eight percent of them are apt to infect us, if they have not done so already.

   Conclusions:  According to the highest public official on earth (Donald J Trump), he is a Stable Genius whom God has blessed with a miraculous cure. The throngs who attend his Super-Infection gatherings have to wish that one of these days, the present plague is just going to wither-away -- as our President  so predicts. Or, maybe it will not.

Phil Richardson

 Good Luck, from Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition

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