Nixon Departs White House   Aug. 9, 1974

  November 18, 2020

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Scott, Goldwater and Rhodes speak to the press after meeting with Nixon
August 7th, 1974 was the day US Senator Barry Goldwater, Representative John Rhodes of Arizona and U.S. Senate Minority Leader Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania, all Republicans, made it clear to President Richard Nixon that he should resign.

Nixon instructed his main speechwriter to write a resignation letter.

The Republican Party leadership knew in their hearts that Nixon was doomed.

On August 9th of 1974, Nixon climbed the steps of the Presidential Helicopter and flashed his famous four finger goodbye.

Where is the Republican leadership today?

Ivanka, Jared... and Helicopter
Goodbye Red Hats, goodbye cruel chants, goodbye sniveling sycophants.

Goodbye Ivanka, goodbye Jared, goodbye fake news and Fox and Friends.

This is how the nightmare ends.

Goodnight.  At last it's time to go, the American People told you so.

Phil Richardson
Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition

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