Pfizer Worker "Icing-down" Covid-19 Vaccine for Shipment

  December 16, 2020

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Presidential Electors Vote in Georgia
There are few dates to be forever saved in our collective memories than those scenes from yesterday, December 13, 2020, when the Pfizer vaccine began to be distributed in the United States.

Today is the day when the electoral college is supposed to confirm the election of the latest President of our nation.  But I have already scratched 12/13/2020 on the inside of a bureau drawer I open often (the one where I store my clean underwear) and like the scene where General MacArthur was filmed taking the Japanese surrender aboard the battleship Missouri (September 2, 1945), there are now two dates of equal promise of a bit more time for me among you.

Japan Surrenders 02Sept45
Yes, I realize that I will have to wait my turn and it probably is not going to come for some weeks but the promise of this truly miraculous thing to come to so many who need it, not to mention the care givers who are so deserving of reward, is truly exciting.

-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition

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