Trump at Lame Duck Rally in Georgia

  December 9, 2020

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The Obama Birth Certificate
   There are many unkind words used to describe people who are mentally disturbed. Although I am tempted, I will try to avoid using them here.

  Whoever begins the task of detailing the bizarre scenarios of Trump's life will have to research the following:

   The amount of money he wasted on advertising, attempting to prove that President Obama was not born in America. A certified copy of Obama's birth certificate from a hospital in Hawaii made Donald J. look like a spendthrift (oops) fool.

Mary L. Trump PhD
   I believe his mental health should have been called into question a long time ago. He certainly should never have been elected President of anything.

    His  niece, Mary L. Trump, a psychologist who beat every other writer in doing a disparaging mental autopsy of Donald, wrote that Trump succeeded in displacing his older brother in the family hierarchy by constantly undercutting that brother in the esteem of their father.

   Trump was out to prove that he knew it all!  When he called himself a "stable genius”, I first thought it was an attempt at humor.  Does he really believe he lost the election due to fraud?  I'm afraid so.

One of the Trump Properties
   First off, Trump dominated the financial news columns by filing for Chapter-11 business bankruptcy six times.  Result: a score of small contractors and workmen went unpaid.  Knowing this, would you have lent him a penny, let alone want him to be the administrator of the richest country in the world?  He got to be Dictator for four years!  Critics will be asking us for the next century or so how we let that happen.

Porn Star Stormy Daniels
and her Lawyer
    Our president once dominated the tabloids' front pages, first with an affair with a Playboy cover-girl and then with a porn-queen. Finally, when I saw the vulgar interview where Trump bragged about his sexual success with women, I wrote him off.  I figured he had angered half of all registered voters!

  I've remained critical of most everything he has said and done since.

-Phil Richardson, Storyteller and Observer of the Human Condition.

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